About Lamination Specialties

About Us

Lamination Specialties provides a wide range of products and services to the electrical steel and lamination industry and is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of electrical steel laminations in North America. With expertise developed from over 60 years in the electrical steel industry, we pride ourselves on servicing our customers, both domestically and internationally, using the best sources of quality raw material and well-established technology.

The production of electrical grade steel is a complex process and our relationship with the world’s most advanced mills ensure we always have a ready source for a wide range of quality materials including grain-oriented, non-grain oriented, and cold rolled motor lamination grades of steel.

The processing of electrical grade steel is where our expertise and skills really benefit our customers. Our advanced processes include slitting, stamping, annealing, welding, and core assembly. Some of these advanced processes are done to produce the highest quality of Mitre Cut Cores and Distributed Gap Cores. We also use our advanced tool room to build and service progressive stamping dies for both motor and transformer laminations. Additionally, we have the expertise in logistics to securely package and guarantee safe shipment to anywhere in the world our customers need.



The Pillars of Our Company

At Lamination Specialties our growth in size, scope and skill through the years has led to many improvements and advancements. However, one thing that has remained consistent, the dedication to live our vision of valuing the relationships we hold with our employees and customers. Our team of employees is continuously strengthened as we promote a culture of involvement that supports the safety, growth, and advancement of our employees as well as the continued success of our customers. As a community, we are stronger together.


Lamination Specialties is dedicated to exceeding industry standards in both the lamination and flat rolled electrical steel industries. Through our valued employees and our state-of-the-art facilities, we are determined to provide customers with reliable service, innovative technology, and quality products.


We help customers expand the potential of their businesses by providing innovative solutions.


Quality – We have quality products that meet the highest industry standards.

Service – We set a high level of service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Competitive pricing – We offer customers the best competitive options.

Support – We build reliable relationships amongst our family of employees.

Innovation – We create innovative solutions to overcome all issues.

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