Progressive & Compound Stamping

Progressive & Compound Stamping

Lamination Specialties specializes in producing a wide range of electrical steel laminations for a variety of products and industries. We have the expertise in-house to work with a customer and design and produce laminations to meet most customer specifications. Additionally, we can produce laminations in thicknesses ranging from 0.011” to 0.060” while holding a typical flatness of 0.001” per inch of lamination.

At our facilities we use the highest quality tool steel and carbide dies. They are sourced from around the globe, which are designed to work with our high-speed presses which range in size from 25 tons to 300 tons. We slit our own steel to ensure we meet the specifications to optimize the output of our tools. Additionally, we can provide annealing to enhance the magnetic properties of our laminations, such as core loss and permeability.

Also, we can provide assembled and welded lamination stacks if desired, with bonding capabilities for specific applications.

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EI Laminations



UI Laminations

3 Phase Laminations

Core & Frame

Special Shapes

Motor Laminations

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