Value-Added Products

Value-Added Products

We offer progressive solutions for companies looking to acquire laminations further processed into finished or semi-finished assemblies. As we grow, we continue to invest in equipment and processes to provide value-added assemblies to help our customers increase their own productivity and reduce costs in their operations.

Distributed Gap (DG) Cores

We offer a variety of DG Core sizes and designs most commonly used in small to medium distribution transformers. Our process produced DG cores that increase efficiency while maintaining material costs due to our ability to enhance the magnetic characteristics by annealing.

Cut Cores

We produce cut cores by winding long strips of electrical steel on a mandrel to tight specifications. After a precision cutting process the core is split into two pieces. The individual cores take on a “C” shaped configuration with rectangular rounded corners. The two sections are polished at the interface and mated together in a process designed to minimize gaps between the two halves. The cores produced by this process save electrical energy due to low specific iron watt losses and are ideal for applications such as medium transformer sizes.

Miter Cut Laminations

We produce miter cut laminations in stacks of five to seven lams which are designed to overlap when assembled and step stacked with mating pieces so that the grain orientation is aligned with the direction of the magnetic flux. These cores are commonly used in the construction of large power transformers where electrical core loss is minimized which is key for the transformer design. We also can provide pre-assembled laminations in log form for assembly by the end user.

Welded Cores

We are capable of welding a variety of core configurations and sizes to customer specifications. We have processes for both robotic and manual welding and can provide fabricated parts to include in the assembly, such as brackets and mountings, from our sister companies within the UPG organization.


Taped & Assembled Shunts

We utilize proven technology to produce shunts in a wide range of sizes and tolerance specifications. Materials available, slit in house, from widths of 0.60” to 21.0” in thicknesses from 0.007” to 0.025”.